Best Friend Session – Kayleigh and Holly – Wagner Natural Area

best friends posing with their children

Shooting this best friend session was a dream come true! Not only are Kayleigh and Holly best friends, but their two adorable daughters are also best friends! AND, I can already tell that their two sons are going to have that title as well!

This session was also done the week before the two girls started pre-school. As an elementary teacher myself, it brings me so much joy to see them about to endeavor on their education journey! Class of 2036 here we come!

Thank you again to Kayleigh and Holly for trusting me to take these memories for them! There may have been some tears, but if there aren’t, is it really a family session? Kayleigh and Holly have such beautiful families, I am honoured to give them those pre-school memories. I’m already ready to do a best friend session for their graduation!

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