Popping Champagne at Your Wedding – Calgary, Alberta

Popping Champagne at your wedding can lead to the BEST photos! Don’t believe me? Quickly scroll down on this page to see examples. Not only will it have amazing photos, but it will also create a wonderful memory that will last a lifetime. PS. Want to see these images in a reel? Click here!

Tips for Champagne Popping Success:

  1. Open the Champagne before hand, cover with your tumb, then SHAKE. While you won’t truly be ‘popping’ it, the spray will be longer and greater!
  2. Once the bottle is ready, SLOWLY move your thumb off of the top. Slowly is your key word!
  3. Let your reaction show! I’ve popped champagne numerous times, and trust me – I still get surprised! It’s an adreliane rush each time!

While champagne in your wedding attire is truly breathtaking, it can also be messy. If you prefer, pop the bubbly at your engagement photos! Or set up a time to share in this special moment. It will be memorable!

What do you think of this Calgary Wedding Champagne Spray? Would you ever try champagne at your wedding or enagment? Let me know!!

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