Alberta Winter Photography Sessions – Tips & Tricks

Have you ever thought about having an Alberta Winter photography session? These can range from Winter Equine Sessions, to Winter Couple Sessions? Or even an Alberta Winter Wedding? Find below the top 5 best reasons to have your next photo session done in the winter time, and my top tips and tricks for having the most success during your session!

Reasons to have an Alberta Winter Photography Session

It’s no secret that the winters here in Alberta can be chilly. But they are also a magical and cozy time!! Whether you want photos for holiday cards, or simply want updated photos, winter is the perfect time!

First, sunrise and sunset times in the winter are much different than in the summer! Golden hour is the preferred photography time; 1 hour after sunrise and 1 hour before sunset. While in the summer this means your session may be starting at 9:00pm, in the winter months sessions start from much earlier in the evening (think 4:30pm start time!). Sunrise is also much later, meaning that your session could begin as late as 8:00am. Perfect for those who like to sleep in! This timing also works much better for younger members of the family with earlier bedtimes.

Second, winter time means less tourists, meaning locations are not as busy. Parking in the summertime can be extremely difficult, which also means top photo locations have less privacy. One of the advantages of having an Alberta winter photography session is not having to compete with the crowds! It is always nicer to have the spot all to yourself!

Third, snow is magical! One of my favourite views is always seeing the snowcapped mountains, or a beautiful field of fresh snow. Travelling to the Rocky Mountains for a winter photoshoot always creates a beautiful backdrop and foreground of snow. Plus, snowing during a photoshoot is even more beautiful! A winter photo session is the perfect way to provide contrast from your summertime photos!

Fourthly, an Alberta Winter Photography Session is the perfect way to include many fun winter activities! Some of my favourites include skating and tobogganing, but there is also skiing, snowshoeing, etc. It is a great way to include some of your favourite winter sports!

Finally, having a winter photo session is the perfect way to show off your winter clothing and outfits. Layering is a top outfit recommendation that I provide my clients with, and winter is the perfect time to showoff your sweaters, coats, and scarves! Layering of clothing adds an extra element to your outfits, which in turn provides beautiful images.

Tips and Tricks of having an Alberta Winter Photography Session

While you may be convinced that having an Alberta Winter Photography Session is the right choice for your next family or equine photos, being prepared for the season will help make the session a success! Following these tips and tricks will help make your session stress free, and create everlasting memories.

Tip Number 1 – Leave early to your session. The roads in the wintertime can be unpredictable, and conditions can change hourly. Leaving extra time will allow you to ensure you are on time for your session and not rushing at the last minute. As well, specifically in the Rocky Mountains, many times there are road closures during the winter season. Checking your route ahead of time can help alleviate day of photoshoot stress.

Tip Number 2 – Bring winter props and extra layers to your session. Some of my favourite winter props include different blankets, different toques, and scarves. These are also enjoyable to swap in and out of different photos to create different looks in short amounts of time. Bring extra layers to your session is extremely important for everyone to have a good time. Mitts, hats, socks, and even hand warmers will help make your session more enjoyable. While 5 degrees doesn’t seem cold, a chilly wind can make everyone need an extra set of gloves very quickly!

Tip Number 3 – Choose a location that can have easy accessibility to inside – or to your car! – for a quick warmup. Whether this be in the mountains, near your horse barn, or by a public building, having access to warm up for 5 minutes in the middle of your session is extremely important! As a photographer, I will always recommend locations that I know have the ability to scoot inside. Many times in the mountains this may be your car! Keep this in mind as you select your photo location.

Tip Number 4 – Bring a pair of winter shoes to your session! While I know they aren’t the most stylish, many times winter conditions means icy pathways. Wearing winter boots and then swapping them when you arrive at your location is the safest option. Bring a bag along with your extra shoes, warm clothing, and items will keep you safe and happy at your photo session!

Tip Number 5 – Embrace the weather. An Alberta Winter Photography Session can bring a variety of different weather options – sometimes during one session! However, it is important to embrace the winter elements and focus on creating lasting memories with your family, equine partner, or friends! Wintertime photos are always beautiful with the snow and light, and yours will be too! Trust your photographer to capture the best memories during any weather given!

Thinking of booking an Alberta Winter Photography Session?

I’m here to help! I am an open book to all of my clients, offering them even more tips and tricks to have a successful and enjoyable winter photography session! Take a look through my galleries and website, and let’s schedule a Winter Photography Session today! Contact me to get started!

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