Fall Calgary Equine Session – Natalie and Cleo

A Calgary Equine Session is always a perfect idea, especially during the fall season! The trees are ablaze with vibrant colours of red, orange, and yellow, providing the perfect background for capturing the bond between a horse and their rider. Recently, I had the pleasure of capturing the special bond between Natalie and her horse Cleo, in a fall Calgary equine photography session.

As we arrived at the location, the fall colours were at their peak and the trees were a stunning sight. We started the session with Natalie and Cleo in a beautiful clearing surrounded by the colourful fall trees. I loved hearing about the partnership between Cleo and Natalie, and learning all about the deep bond that they share!

Natalie was dressed in three beautiful dresses that perfectly complemented the fall colours. I love when clients spend the time to select outfits that will compliment their session! All of my equine sessions include a prep guide that helps you choose the best clothing – not that Natalie needed any help at all!!

The changing leaves provided a beautiful background for the photos, and the colours of the dresses perfectly complemented the colours of the trees. The bond between Natalie and Cleo was evident in every shot, and it was a pleasure to capture it on camera.

Equine photography sessions are not only about capturing beautiful images of your horse, but also about preserving the special bond between you and your horse. These photos will be cherished for a lifetime and will serve as a reminder of the unique relationship you share with your horse.

Overall, the equine photography session with Natalie and Cleo was a success. An equine photography session is a great way to cherish the special relationship you have with your horse. Want to create your own everlasting images? Contact me today to get started!

Fall Calgary Equine Session - featuring stunning dresses with horse and rider

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