Intimate Calgary Wedding – Jessica and Jack

As a photographer, I’ve been fortunate to witness and document countless love stories, each with its own unique charm. Yet, there’s something truly special about intimate weddings, and Jessica and Jack’s Calgary wedding was nothing short of magical! From the morning preparations to the heartwarming family ceremony at Reader’s Rock Garden, and the sunlight during their couples’ portraits, this day was a celebration of love in its purest form.

The day began with a sense of calm as Jessica and Jack prepared to embark on their journey as a married couple. There was no rush, no chaos, just a peaceful and intimate morning where the couple savoured the moments leading up to their ceremony.

The choice of Reader’s Rock Garden for their ceremony couldn’t have been more fitting. Nestled amidst Calgary’s natural beauty, the garden provided a stunning backdrop for the couple’s vows. With the sun casting a glow on their faces, Jessica and Jack exchanged heartfelt promises surrounded by their family. What made this ceremony truly special was the active involvement of their loved ones. From moving readings to heartfelt speeches, it was evident that Jessica and Jack’s families loved and supported them together on this day. Bagpipes lead them in and out on their special day.

As a photographer, there’s nothing quite as enchanting as capturing a couple bathed in the soft, golden light of sun. After the ceremony, Jessica and Jack took a stroll through Reader’s Rock Garden, hand in hand. The sun cast a warm glow, creating a picturesque canvas for their portraits.

In the end, Jessica and Jack’s intimate Calgary wedding was a testament to the idea that love shines brightest when shared intimately with those closest to our hearts. It was a day filled with laughter, love, and the embrace of family and friends. As a photographer, I felt privileged to be part of their journey and to capture the exquisite moments that defined their special day. Thank-you Jessica and Jack for trusting me to capture your day!

Thank-you to the following vendors for making this an amazing day! It was an honour to work alongside:

Wedding Planner @cailinbillingsevents

Photographer @brittnayannephotos

Venue @fairmontpalliser and @readersrockgarden

Florist @deervalleyflorist

Bag Pipe @lidgrenbagpiper

HMA @kendallatcactus

Rentals @roriranch

Officiant @kouncillorkaren

Couple @misshessbordley & Jack

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