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As a wedding photographer, the day of the event is a culmination of meticulous planning, artistic vision, and technical finesse. To ensure I capture every precious moment with precision and grace, I rely on a carefully selected array of gear. In this post, I’ll take you through the gear I use on a wedding day and explain why each item is an indispensable part of my toolkit.

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Camera Bodies & Lenses:

  1. Primary Camera Body: Canon R6 – This is the workhorse of my setup, equipped with all the settings and features I need for optimal results. It’s my go-to for most shots, offering reliability and consistency.
  2. Backup Camera Body: Canon R6 – The backup camera body is a safety net. In case of any technical issues or malfunctions with the primary body, this backup ensures that the show goes on smoothly. It’s a must for professional wedding photographers.
  3. Lenses (Variety): Primary Lenses are my 28-70mm, 85mm, and a Macro lens – Wedding photography demands versatility. I carry a variety of lenses, including wide-angle for capturing the venue and environment, telephoto for intimate shots, and prime lenses for crisp portraits. Each lens serves a unique purpose, allowing me to create diverse and stunning images.
  4. Memory Cards in Camera: I use high-capacity memory cards to ensure I have ample storage throughout the day. Running out of memory during a crucial moment is something I can’t afford.
  5. Camera Batteries in Camera: Fully charged camera batteries are crucial for uninterrupted shooting. I never leave home without ensuring my batteries are ready to go.

Camera Accessories:

  • Lens Cleaning Kit: Clean lenses are essential for sharp, clear images. Dust and smudges can compromise the quality of shots, so I carry a lens cleaning kit to maintain optimal clarity.
  • Camera Straps and/or Harness: Comfort and accessibility are key during a long wedding day. I use a comfortable camera strap or harness that allows me to quickly access my gear and reduces strain on my neck and shoulders.
  • Memory Cards in Case: Backup memory cards are essential. I store extra memory cards in a protective case to prevent damage or loss. They’re easily accessible if I need to swap cards on the go.
  • Extra Camera Batteries: I always have extra camera batteries on hand, especially if the day includes an extensive shooting schedule. Running out of power is not an option.
  • Battery Chargers: These come in handy during downtime or breaks. Having the option to charge my camera batteries ensures I’m always ready to capture the next memorable moment.

Lighting Equipment:

  • External Flashes or Strobes: Godox – These are essential for controlling and enhancing lighting in various shooting conditions. Whether it’s indoor low-light situations or creative lighting effects, external flashes or strobes are my best friends.
  • Light Modifiers (Softboxes, Diffusers): Light modifiers help create soft, even lighting. They’re particularly useful for portraits and minimizing harsh shadows.
  • Extra Flash Batteries: A drained flash battery can interrupt the flow of the day. I carry extra flash batteries to ensure consistent, reliable lighting.


  • Family Photo List: Wedding days can be chaotic, and people often scatter. Having a list of family photo combinations helps me stay organized during group shots.
  • Timeline: A well-planned timeline is essential for keeping track of the day’s schedule. It helps me anticipate key moments and ensure I’m in the right place at the right time.
  • Water and Snacks: Staying hydrated and fueled is vital for endurance. Water and energy-boosting snacks keep me energized throughout the long day.
  • Weather-Appropriate Gear (Rain Cover, Sunscreen, Bug Spray): Wedding seasons can bring unpredictable weather. Having a rain cover, sunscreen, and bug spray on hand prepares me for any environmental challenges.
  • Step Stool: This simple tool enables me to shoot from unique angles and capture creative perspectives.
  • Behind-The-Scenes Attachment: Attaching this device to the hot-shoe on my camera allows me to capture the BTS moments on a wedding day!
  • Couple and Key Vendor Contact Information: Communication is key. Having contact information for the couple and key vendors ensures smooth coordination throughout the event.
  • Phone Charger: To stay connected and ensure my phone doesn’t run out of battery while coordinating with clients or vendors.

Every piece of gear I carry plays a specific role in capturing the magic of a wedding day. It’s not just about taking pictures; it’s about telling a story, and having the right gear ensures I do so with excellence and precision.

Gear Links:

R6  – Canada
28-70mm – Canada
85mm  – Canada
Memory Card – Canada
Canon Battery – Canada
Lens Cleaning Kit – Canada
Camera Hand Strap – Canada
Camera Harness Strap – Canada
Memory Card Case – Canada
Godox Flashes – Canada
Diffuser – Canada
Flash Umbrella – Canada
Flash Stand – Canada
Flash Mount – Canada
Camera Rain Cover – Canada
Stool – Canada

Looking for a checklist to help you back all the right items on a wedding day? Click here to download my checklist freebie!

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