Preparing Your Horse for a Photoshoot: Grooming Tips and Tricks

Getting all set for your equine photo session is super important! Since horses can be a bit unpredictable, it’s crucial to take some proactive steps to make sure they’re set up for success during the photo session. As a Calgary Equine Photographer, I have seen my fair share of horses that are groomed to perfection. Just following these friendly tips will make a big difference in getting your horse all set and ready, creating the best conditions for a successful and fun photography experience!

Clean Your Tack!

Now, let’s talk about the often-overlooked aspect of preparing for a session – your tack. Trust me, I get it. Life happens, and sometimes we forget to give our saddles and bridles the TLC they deserve. I have to admit that I’ve been guilty of neglecting my own saddle maintenance before (oops!). But hey, we’re all human, right?

But here’s the thing – the camera lens is like a super detective that notices every little detail. It’s like having a magnifying glass on those imperfections we might not even notice with our own eyes. That bit of dust on the bridle or a hint of dirt on the bit can take away from the overall visual appeal of the photographs. By prioritizing a meticulous cleaning regimen for your tack, we can ensure that it radiates a stunning, polished quality in the photos!

Clean Your Horse!

I highly recommend bathing your horse the day before the photoshoot. This will give their coat ample time to dry, resulting in a pristine and glossy appearance on the day of the shoot. However, if it’s more convenient for you, bathing can also be done on the morning of the session. Just make sure to allow enough time for your horse to dry completely, as wet spots tend to be very noticeable in photographs.

Prepare ALL of your Outfits!

Now, let’s talk about planning your outfits. Choosing the right attire can make a big difference in how your photos turn out. To be relaxed for your session, it is ideal if you pick out your outfits ahead of time, give them a quick clean, and have them ready. This way, you can save time and feel more relaxed leading up to our shoot.

I always suggest taking a moment to double-check your chosen outfits for any small blemishes or wrinkles. These tiny details can sometimes distract from the final photos, and I want you to look and feel fabulous in every image we create together.

If you’d like some guidance on coordinating your outfits, I’m here to help! I’ve put together a comprehensive guide specifically tailored to assist my clients in selecting the perfect attire for their sessions. It covers everything from colour palettes to coordinating styles and accessories. Once you’ve booked your shoot, your outfit guide will be in your inbox!

Work Your Horse

I strongly recommend lunging your horse a couple of hours before our scheduled session. Lunging not only helps to release any excess energy and keep your horse focused, but it also doesn’t leave any saddle sweat marks, which can be distracting in the final photographs. This will ensure that your horse looks fresh and ready for the shoot.

Additionally, I advise keeping things as routine as possible for your horse leading up to our session. If your equine friend is not accustomed to standing in a stall for extended periods, it would be best to avoid confining him in one before our session. This will help minimize any stress or discomfort he may experience and allow him to be in a relaxed state during the shoot.

I’m thrilled to announce that Calgary equine sessions are now open for booking! If the idea of saving those precious moments with your cherished horse appeals to you, I’d be delighted to be part of the experience. My years of honing the craft of equine photography have given me a keen eye for capturing the special bond shared between horses and their owners.

Let’s dive into the details of creating timeless memories with your equine companion. I‘m here to assist you every step of the way on this enchanting journey of equestrian photography. Looking forward to the opportunity to work with you and your beloved horse!

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