Bringing your Dog to Your Engagement Session!

Your wedding, couples, or equine photography session is about to get a whole lot furrier! As a Canmore, Banff, and Calgary Photographer, I’m thrilled to introduce the idea of bringing your dog to your engagement session! Picture this: you, your significant other, and your four-legged family member all in one frame, creating memories that are as heartwarming as they are timeless. To ensure a successful and enjoyable experience, here are three invaluable tips that will make your session with your pup unforgettable!

1. Choose a Semi-Familiar Location: Selecting the right location is crucial for a successful dog-inclusive photo session. Opt for a semi-familiar place that strikes a balance between novelty and comfort for your pup. This ensures that your dog is curious and engaged, leading to more authentic expressions and interactions captured through the lens.

For instance, if you’re in the breathtaking landscapes of Canmore or Banff, consider a location where your dog can explore new scents and sights but still feel at ease. This way, you’ll get a blend of the majestic scenery and the genuine joy your furry friend experiences in this semi-familiar environment.

2. Treats: The Key to Canine Cooperation: Every dog has its day, and with the right treats, that day can be your photoshoot day! Treats are a fantastic tool to encourage positive behaviour and cooperation during the session. Have a variety of your dog’s favourite treats on hand to reward good behaviour and maintain their attention.

Before the session, establish a routine of praise and treats for simple commands. This not only helps your dog understand the dynamics of the photoshoot but also ensures that they associate the experience with positive reinforcement. Treats can be used not only as rewards but also as a tool to redirect your dog’s attention, making it easier to capture those candid moments of pure joy.

3. Grooming: Because Looking Good Feels Good: Just like humans, dogs love to look and feel their best. Grooming your pup before the photoshoot not only ensures they look adorable but also contributes to their comfort and confidence during the session. A well-groomed dog is a happy dog, and their happiness translates into radiant, photogenic moments.

Consider scheduling a grooming session a few days before the photoshoot to allow your dog’s coat to settle. Brushing out loose fur, cleaning ears, and trimming nails are essential grooming steps that contribute to a polished appearance. When your dog feels pampered and comfortable, their natural charm shines through in the photographs.

The Big Day: A Day for the Whole Family, Fur Included: As the day of the photoshoot arrives, bring your excitement, love, and, of course, your well-prepared pup. A semi-familiar location will pique your dog’s curiosity, treats will keep them engaged and cooperative, and grooming ensures they look their absolute best. Together, these elements guarantee a session filled with authentic moments, genuine smiles, and the timeless joy of capturing your complete family, fur and all.

Celebrate your love story with your furry companion, and let’s turn your Canmore, Banff, or Calgary photography session into an unforgettable experience for everyone involved. After all, some of the best memories are made when our loyal companions are by our side. 🐾✨ Book your couples session today, and bring your furry friend!

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