RAW vs. Edited Images

Why Photographers do not share their unedited images!

Alright, let’s dive into the photography debate – raw vs edited images.

It’s like comparing plain batter to a decorated cake. Raw images are the basics, straight from the camera, capturing the real deal. Think of it as the cake batter, full of potential. But, just like baking needs love, raw images benefit from a dash of post-processing. Edited images are the showstoppers, like a cake with frosting and flair, achieved through tweaking with exposure, contrast, and more. Editing is an art form, allowing photographers to stir up emotions and turn seemingly average shots into stars. Whether you’re into raw authenticity or edited wonders, let’s appreciate the artistry in both. Photography is about molding moments into a visual rollercoaster that resonates. Here are some examples below of unedited vs. edited images!

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