Branding Session – Sedona Jacket – with Samantha Lynas – Okotoks

Last week I had the opportunity to collaborate with Samantha Lynas on a FABULOUS shoot!

Part One of the shoot took us into Okotoks, showcasing the Sedona Aztec Jacket from Elysian Boutique. This local to High River Boutique has “Clothing for the Free Spirited”, and showcases numerous local vendors. I purchased this jacket a couple of months ago, and it is so beautiful we HAD TO use it for this portfolio-building shoot!

This branding session in Okotoks took us to a variety of spots, including the bridge and downtown. When choosing a branding session, I always like to select spots that include a lot of variety. We took all of these images in the span of about 15 minutes, as the weather outside was getting cold. Take a look at the images below!

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