For Photographers – Let’s talk about Sprout Studio!

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If you haven’t heard of the BEST CRM (client relationships management) software Sprout Studio – you are missing out. Seriously – it is AMAZING!

After trying all other CRM systems (Honeybook, Dubsado, Usession, Pixieset) I never came across a good workflow system for myself. I always felt like something was missing, or that I needed to be an expert computer programmer to use them! Then I came across Sprout Studio, and I found every answer I was looking for!

I also want to give a HUGE shout-out to the support team at Sprout Studio! They have amazing customer service and take feedback very seriously. There is a wonderful Facebook community that also has been super beneficial in learning this CRM system. Love the community it has created!

Sprout Studio has everything a photographer can dream of – calendar, invitations, booking platform, online contract signing, invoices, different workflows for every type of session, online gallery viewing, emails, design proofs, email campaigns, contacts, leads, EVERYTHING! The list goes on and on! Each client will receive their own portal with all information related to their shoot(s) attached. Including the gallery when it is ready, and the option to see design proofs! My clients LOVE having everything in one place and find it super easy to navigate. They can order prints directly from their galleries, or send them to relatives for their own purchases.

Galleries can also be kept in a catalog to allow for public viewing. This is super convenient to send to potential clients to see examples of my work and the format that I use. With multiple branding and user options, it is also a photography studio’s dream to have all work in one place.

Sprout Studio is FANTASTIC, and is only going to continue to grow! I really think it has helped take my photography business to the next level. I have received amazing feedback since switching to it, with clients noticing the ease of use, professionalism, and appreciation of the client portal.

If you are interested in checking out Sprout Studio FREE for 21 days, and then receive 20% off your first month of an annual subscription, check it out here.

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